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Gold Foil Iron On Graphic

FINDER MAKER Iron on Foil graphic is a fantastic project to add some bling to your life! Simply cut out your design and iron onto a fabric cushion, t-shirt or whatever inspires you. Happy Making!...

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Floral Inspired Colour

FINDER MAKER create your own Floral Inspired Colour range in four simple steps. Once you have created your very own colour scheme your range of objects will be uniquely yours. See your creative projects come alive! ...

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Wood Dot Magnets

FINDER MAKER Wood Dot Magnets are so easy to make! Dots + Magnets + Creativity These magnets are the design element on every fiidge and notice board. Happy Making!...

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Ring bowls

FINDER MAKER small wooden ring bowls are perfect for the natural interior. These beautifully crafted and proportioned bowls are great for spices, sorting out craft supplies, or as a salt bowl. Match the bowls to the colours of your interior by following our step by step instructions...

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Cute as a Button Earrings

FINDER MAKER Button Polymer Clay Earrings are as cute as they sound! Make a pair in every colour. Happy Wearing!...

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Round Necklace

FINDER MAKER Round wood necklace is easy to make and wear The balance and simplicity of this piece makes it the perfect compliment to every outfit. Make on in every colour. Happy Making and Wearing!...

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Create Your Own Colour Scheme

FINDER MAKER create your own colour scheme in three simple steps. Once you have created your very own colour scheme your project will be uniquely yours. See your creative projects come alive!...

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Make a Colour Swatch Fan Deck

FINDER MAKER 'Make a Colour Swatch Fandeck' shows you how to develop a very useful colour resource for your creative studio. Your 'Colour swatch Fandeck' will allow you to select colours like a creative master!....

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Polymer Clay Mixing

FINDER MAKER Polymer Clay Mixing - Gorgeous Results! Learn how to mix your own range of polymer clay colours for the purpose of jewellery making. ...